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Anonymous asked: You like country boys?

I like my man

spaceshipsandpurpledrank asked: Did you draw the tat on your leg?


Anonymous asked: Look at you. Looking like a sexy latin Scarlett Johansson

Lol thanks

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Anonymous asked: Girls or boys or both

My man

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slickvee22 asked: How old r u..?


sixxnyne asked: I know you hear it everyday prolly every hour but honestly your Super Gorgeous!! You have a very Beautiful inviting smile. Are you into the outdoors like Fishing, ATV's, Camping, Horseback Riding, things of that nature?? You seem very down to earth an thats a very Attractive quality!! Have a Blessed day!!

You too :)

louiedewi asked: Your amazing!!!! 😩😩😍


Hello kimkillz

We’re contacting you on behalf of Milan King, he’s an upcoming artist in California. In this music submission is his demo for Anxiety Attacks let us know if you like, dislike, love, or hate it. We’d appreciate it
Thank you have a good day
Hello the video doesn’t show up , try again

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